“Marketing is not an event, but a process, it has a beginning, a middle, but never an end...” Author unknown

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The art of smart is to DELEGATE…
Posted at 10:59 PM on 06 Apr 2010 under News

We at Deepsmart have identified a trend that I truly believe has merit, especially since we are all finding our feet out of the recent economic turmoil.

As we are all surely aware, prospects are looking up and the recession is so-to-speak over, but we are still left with some remnants of the recent happenings of the past year.
But, don’t despair! We have also learnt a few good things, like how to tighten our belts, stretch those Rands as far as possible and be a bit more innovative and clever about getting results in a different and more efficient way.

We all know that Marketing is still a key function in any business, and although the Marketers are unfairly known as the ‘big spenders’ of the organization, you still can’t do without it! (Ok Marketers, you can thank me later).

Let’s consider the many, many functions of Marketing. First there’s that loathed thing called a ‘Marketing plan’, there’s CRM (customer relationship management); event planning and customer entertainment; PR and media schedules; getting people to visit your website; writing articles for the media, your website blog and online channels; there’s understanding your customer, segments and the industry; not to mention all those advertising campaigns, and the list goes on! So much to do, so little time. HELP, I hear you shout…

Deepsmart have devised a plan that we know is effective and makes efficient use of your budget. It’s a concept that management has known for years. It’s called DELEGATION!
But to whom, I hear you mutter… We don’t have a large Marketing department, our sales force is overloaded and we can’t employ any more permanent staff?!

Delegate the smart way – to a professional Marketing consultancy where there’s no need to add to your operational costs, like permanent placements with the added costs of medical aid, pension funds and bonuses, or overload your existing staff such as the marketing assistants and sales people. We will handle all (or some) of the Marketing functions for you while you can concentrate on your business and let us do the Marketing.

In spite of cost-cutting, Marketing is still a vital part of the business strategy, but operational costs are too! But there’s no excuse now - delegate it to professionals and spend the money when and where you need to.

Deepsmart Consulting is a Marketing consultancy who will professionally handle this for you, for only a few hours a month. Go on, delegate – that’s what you’re in management for!

In case you were wondering what the components of Marketing usually entail, we have a comprehensive checklist which can be used to assess your Marketing activities, so if you would like assistance, call us to set up an appointment and we will gladly help you evaluate the ‘state of your Marketing’.


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