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Run, jump and…CRAWL!
Posted at 12:17 PM on 20 Jul 2010 under Marketing

Right, starting your business and need a logo. Urgently. Like yesterday!

You’ve worked out your business plan (or at least some semblance of it on the back of an envelope), set up some potential customer meetings for your new business venture and already have office space in the heart of your customer hub. But wait, you can’t go ahead until you have the most important thing – your logo! Everything, and I mean everything, is dependent on that. Your business card, letterhead, signage, brochures, the list goes on.

Most small to medium businesses hurriedly get hold of a graphic designer and say design me a logo – I need it by next week (please?!). And much to your gratitude, you get the logo, print the business cards and you’re in business.But wait.

More often than not one realizes that you don’t quite know what your brand really stands for and if you are communicating exactly what you intended to.
Unfortunately this is an all too familiar scenario which many of us Marketers face..

If one doesn’t strategize and put some thought behind your company’s brand values, i.e. what you stand for and how you intend on conveying that message, you might be wasting your time and money. By spending a little time on the overall strategy and planning properly, you can actually save time and effort when you really get busy and don’t have time to think about Marketing.
One needs to realize that an effective brand doesn’t just translate into your logo or company slogan. It’s the way in which your company is portrayed to the market – your potential customers, investors, and even competitors. It’s how your receptionist answers the phone, your delivery person delivers a package and how your sales team interacts with clients. It’s about living the brand. It’s about brand pride. 

But you can only achieve this with a brand strategy in place, which ideally should be done before you even design your logo.

Think about it. You’ve got to crawl before you can run!

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