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Jason Hartman: back and ready to rock and roll with Deepsmart!
Posted at 02:08 PM on 11 Mar 2015 under News

Media Release
10 March 2015

Jason Hartman: back and ready to rock and roll!

Jason Hartman, singer/songwriter and co-winner of the controversial 2009 Idols season, is making a come-back this year with his new album entitled Soldier Sacrifice.

He has taken some time off after his Mom passed away in 2013 and focused on his new adult contemporary album. It’s been a season of growth and evolution for this talented artist and we can look forward to some creative new songs from him.

imageJason has also appointed a PR company, Deepsmart
Consulting who is a boutique Marketing consultancy and will
be assisting him with the launch of his new album.
“I am very excited about working with Karen van Diggelen of Deepsmart, who has many years of marketing experience and
is extremely passionate about her clients’ business and
success. Karen and her team will be assisting me, so watch
this space!”

While Hartman’s passion lies with making music, he has a
keen passion for conservation and will continue to promote this
worthy cause through his launch activities.
“We are busy planning our strategy for the album launch and
it will include visiting schools around the country to take the message of conservation to the kids. They are the future, so
let’s start with them,”
commented Jason.

Jason became popular on the South African circuit with his
2 hits ‘Break the Silence’ and ‘On the Run’; both achieving Number 1 hit status on most national radio stations.

For further information contact Karen on or 0843703685.

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