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Is your company lacking in Internal Communications?
Posted at 08:46 PM on 24 Jun 2013 under Marketing

It seems like a very simple thing. The problem is, it’s often done on a last minute, ad hoc basis where no-one takes responsibility and the message is drafted, but then corrupted in it’s execution.

Very often, the sales team don’t know that product development has a new version of the product; the order processing team don’t know that sales has given customers an extra discount or marketing don’t know that finance has allocated more marketing spend! (Ok, we can all live in hope…). So, can you see how this lack of internal communications can result in confusion - or rather chaos - in front of a customer and the company looks, well, like a circus?!

We’ve put together a few pointers when driving an internal communications campaign:

1. Schedule it! There is always something to communicate within an organisation, whether it originates from the CEO, Sales or Marketing. So plan the fact that every month, week or day there will be something noteworthy to say.

2. Allocate responsibility. Commit a person or team who will be responsible for sourcing the information every month, week or day. Everyone in the organisation should know who to go to when they have a message. This person or team should also have the authority to say ‘no’ to certain messages. (Remember, this is not a venting or complaints line!).

3. Messaging channels. The responsible team should have the tools and means to use as communications vehicles to deliver the messaging. This could be a host of mechanisms, like a newsletter, intranet, sms, personalised e-mails, graphics on the canteen walls or some really fun ways, like a video or teaser campaign.

4. Be consistent. Once you have revealed your first communications, make sure it doesn’t peter out. This is such a danger and prevalent is so many organisations. It gets off to a great start but then loses momentum and you are back to square one. If you start a quarterly newsletter, make sure you stick to it. Don’t over-commit. Rather start off slowly and build momentum than the other way around.

5. Singing off the same hymn sheet. If everyone within the organisation is sure of the current messaging, only then can you begin to start communicating successfully externally, that is, to the market and your customer.

So don’t discount the value of good internal communications - it can only benefit your company in the long term.

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