“Marketing is not an event, but a process, it has a beginning, a middle, but never an end...” Author unknown

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‘He who fails to plan, plans to fail’, Proverb
Posted at 01:48 PM on 04 Feb 2010 under Marketing

We’ve all heard this quote before, but how often do we really put planning into practice?
I often wonder why companies agree with this statement but don’t actually do it. The conclusion I have come to is that they don’t always know how. And it’s not because they are unable to, or in any way incompetent, it’s that there is no process in place to assist them.

To be specific, sales and business development people are those in the trenches - expected to find new clients, maintain existing ones and grow the business according to the ever-increasing targets every year, month, week! It’s exhausting just thinking about it. And then they are still expected to put account management plans together AND generate a monthly report. As if that’s not enough, it is quite likely in our current economy that they still get a tongue-lashing because they are behind target!
Daunting, isn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about PROCESS!
Yes, as much as I have loathed systems and processes before, it’s because they were never relevant or took up too much time because of red tape.
However, if one designs a simple process that has been well thought out, and specific to what the requirements are, you’ve got a winner. The tool has to be practical, user-friendly and most importantly, done in conjunction with the people who will be using it. It’s no use coming up with this great planning tool without anyone’s input. And not just anyone – the people who you are expecting to use it!
Of course we all know that planning is vital before implementing any strategy, but one doesn’t want to be so busy planning that you lose focus on the action… the doing.. the implementation part. Therefore, if you have a proper tool to help with this process, the rest is easy.

A simple, user-friendly and practical planning tool is all it takes to get your team to plan, and NOT to fail!

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