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DEEPSMART Newsletter September 2009
Posted at 03:23 PM on 14 Sep 2009 under News

Hi everyone,

DEEPSMART are celebrating our 1st anniversary on the 19th of September!
We have been in business for a year already and time flies when you’re busy with the exciting Marketing projects we’ve had so far. Thank you for your support and contribution to the success of Deepsmart Consulting over the past year! But before we crack open a bottle of champagne, I’d like to share a few SMART ideas with you…

Deepsmart has developed a smart tool to help Marketers who have limited resources.
The Virtual Marketing Assistant, a solution where all Marketing activities are co-ordinated and managed through this customized vehicle, is specifically designed for client’s exact requirements because at Deepsmart, we don’t believe that one size fits all!
The Virtual Marketing Assistant allows for
 Two-way communication and interaction
 Instant access to your Marketing ‘department’
 All activities managed in central point
 Simple and effective system
Whether you have a small Marketing team, or none at all, or whether you have a sales team who needs support, this could be your answer.

In this time of recession, retrenchments, cost-cutting and general economic turmoil, Marketers are probably the most frustrated! Now management are demanding more with fewer resources and, as Marketers are known to be ‘big spenders’ at the best of times, they now need to get more creative with less.

Another SMART idea we’ve developed is a Business Process Tool to assist companies’ Marketing & Sales personnel with effective activity planning, campaign management and managing the Marketing mix elements (from corporate identity to customer survey questionnaires). It covers everything from planning to monitoring and reporting – all in a simple, user-friendly system, adapted to the client’s specific needs.

If you would like more information on the Virtual Marketing Tool or any other Marketing offerings, contact us on or visit http://www.deepsmart.co.za to help make your Marketing challenges work!

Regards, Karen

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