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Company Announcement - Deepsmart introduces new division
Posted at 03:08 PM on 19 Feb 2010 under News

Deepsmart Consulting, a specialist marketing consultancy have introduced a new division within the company. This arm will focus on business analysis and strategic planning processes for clients.

“Often companies lose focus by implementing short-term marketing activities in a hurry, due to the current pressurized environments in which we are all operating, but don’t consider proper analysis and planning before they actually activate their strategies”, says Karen van Diggelen, CEO of Deepsmart Consulting.

She adds that because top management is demanding more for less nowadays - in other words, resources have been cut but they still expect results - it is far more effective to spend a little time initially on understanding the business environment, segmentation and competitor activity. The division also looks at brand vision and drivers, along with business models in order to aid in efficiency with regards to moni-toring and reporting.

“We have thus developed an innovative approach to manage this process by way of workshops with the client and have so far yielded very exciting and positive results.”

In addition, Deepsmart also provides a professional marketing service for clients who wish to outsource their entire marketing departments. In spite of the current economy, where marketing departments and their operating budgets are usually the first to be curtailed, the importance of a marketing function still exists, and this allows the client the benefit without the unnecessary operating costs.

Deepsmart is a registered company and is passionate about strategic marketing solutions.

For more information, contact us at or visit http://www.deepsmart.co.za

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