"Marketing is not an event, but a process, it has a beginning, a middle, but never an end...” Author unknown

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Posted at 04:22 PM on 04 Sep 2013 under Marketing

Customer satisfaction surveys can be time consuming but Marketers often forget the significance thereof.

Is your company lacking in Internal Communications?
Posted at 08:46 PM on 24 Jun 2013 under Marketing

Internal communications is probably more important than external communications.

Now that’s quite a statement… but many companies are struggling with their external communications because of their lack of internal communications!

4 Reasons to OUTSOURCE your Marketing Function
Posted at 09:08 PM on 20 Jun 2011 under Marketing

Here are 4 simple reasons to OUTSOURCE this vital business function:

1. Money Talks

Let’s face it - we all want almost everything for almost nothing.
So, instead of paying a full time employee, who will more than likely be a junior and who needs a salary, medical aid, pension AND time off, why not OUTSOURCE to a professional outfit who can do the job in half the time and at half the cost (well…almost!)

Run, jump and…CRAWL!
Posted at 12:17 PM on 20 Jul 2010 under Marketing

Companies need to realize that an effective brand doesn’t just translate into a logo or company slogan. It’s the way in which your company is portrayed to the market – your potential customers, investors, and even competitors. It’s how your receptionist answers the phone, your delivery person delivers a package and how your sales team interacts with clients. It’s about living the brand. It’s about brand pride. 

‘He who fails to plan, plans to fail’, Proverb
Posted at 01:48 PM on 04 Feb 2010 under Marketing

We’ve all heard this quote before, but how often do we really put planning into practice?

Identifying the right Target Market is more important than, well, anything really.
Posted at 02:15 PM on 20 Jul 2009 under Marketing

I cannot believe how often this is overlooked or badly managed. A business CEO with interests in cycling suddenly sponsors a professional cycling team when, really, none of the cycling-watching market would ever actually buy a false nail kit. “And 3rd on the stage from Knysna to George today was the Allure, Do It Yourself Nail Kit Team.”