"Marketing is not an event, but a process, it has a beginning, a middle, but never an end...” Author unknown

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Jason Hartman: back and ready to rock and roll with Deepsmart!
Posted at 02:08 PM on 11 Mar 2015 under News

Media Release
10 March 2015

Jason Hartman: back and ready to rock and roll!

Jason Hartman, singer/songwriter and co-winner of the controversial 2009 Idols season, is making a come-back this year with his new album entitled Soldier Sacrifice.

The art of smart is to DELEGATE…
Posted at 10:59 PM on 06 Apr 2010 under News

We have identified a trend that I truly believe has merit, especially since we are all finding our feet out of the recent economic turmoil.

As we are all surely aware, prospects are looking up and the recession is so-to-speak over, but we are still left with some remnants of the recent happenings of the past year.
But, don’t despair! We have also learnt a few good things, like how to tighten our belts, stretch those Rands as far as possible and be a bit more innovative and clever about getting results in a different and more efficient way.

Posted at 11:44 AM on 24 Mar 2010 under News

If you are a Marketer, in Sales, Product management, manage a team or run your own business, Deepsmart’s MARKETING TECHNIQUES Workshop will definitely benefit you.

Marketing Techniques WORKSHOP
Posted at 06:06 PM on 14 Mar 2010 under News

Deepsmart has designed a Marketing Techniques WORKSHOP to assist Marketers (and everyone in the organization is a Marketer) to understand their markets, customers and key account planning.

Company Announcement - Deepsmart introduces new division
Posted at 03:08 PM on 19 Feb 2010 under News

Deepsmart Consulting, a specialist marketing consultancy have introduced a new division within the company.  This arm will focus on business analysis and strategic planning processes for clients.

“Often companies lose focus by implementing short-term marketing activities in a hurry, due to the current pressurized environments in which we are all operating, but don’t consider proper analysis and planning before they actually activate their strategies”, says Karen van Diggelen, CEO of Deepsmart Consulting.

DEEPSMART Newsletter September 2009
Posted at 03:23 PM on 14 Sep 2009 under News